Woody S. – Naturally Clear For Koi And Ducks


“Works great in all 3 of our ponds. No more UV lights, saving money on replacement bulbs and electricity! We also have several pair of wild ducks that are raising their broods on our ponds” – Woody


Woody S. is a Nualgi Pond customer who manages three gorgeous backyard ponds full of fish and wildlife. Woody’s ponds include a 38″ shallow pond and two koi ponds, 3,500 gallon and 5,500 gallon. His koi ponds are not only home to several koi, but are also home to a family of wild ducks. 


Woody uses Nualgi Ponds to keep all three of his ponds crystal clear without the help of costly UV lights. He loves sharing updates and photos of his ponds to our Facebook page. Woody’s shallow pond was quite clear but his 5′ deep pond was experiencing a slight amber color when he started using Nualgi Ponds. With some guidance from us and a bit of patience, he was able to achieve crystal clear water in all of his ponds. His koi and his and ducklings are enjoying the results!

August 8, 2016

“Our pond is almost 5 feet deep and the water is crystal clear. It took 3 weeks to clear. This product is amazing!”


June 25, 2016

“I’ve been using Nualgi pond treatments for 5 weeks now. My shallow pond is crystal clear but my deep pond (5′) has a slight Amber color when the fish are deep. When the fish are shallow the water looks clear.”


June 15, 2016

“This second pond is 5500 gallons and almost 5′ deep with almost 20 large koi. Each pond has had four treatments. The larger pond still has a tinge of brown to it when the fish are deep. So far I’m impressed with your water treatment.”

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