“We can easily see the bottom of our pond!”

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There’s nothing we love more than a pond success story. Nobody wants to deal with a murky pond full of algae that doesn’t let you see your beautiful fish.

That’s exactly what Jenifer was dealing with before she started dosing a combination of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner and Beneficial Bacteria.

In addition to achieving the crystal clear pond of her dreams, Jenifer’s fish are healthy, happy and thriving in a 100% natural pond environment.

Keep it up Jenifer!

We tried the Beneficial Bacteria this year because our small (2500 gallon) backyard pond was continually murky and we had algae covering the stones.
We started dosing per directions in June. We also used a few doses of Natural Pond Cleaner. As you can see by the attached photos, our water is crystal clear, and has been for many weeks.
The deepest part of our pond is about 4 feet, and we can easily see the bottom in that part as well. And our fish are very healthy! We are so impressed, and this will be our go-to pond product going forward. Thank you for this wonderful product!

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