Christian’s Video Diary of a 3,500 Gallon Koi Pond

In this video diary series, Christian Shostle uses his 3,500 gallon holding pond to show the benefits of using Nualgi.


As an expert in aquaculture and an avid user of Nualgi Ponds for almost a year now this will be an ongoing test for at least 8 weeks to help show the biological process of this nanotechnology. It should also help explain the time it takes to purge the holding tank of algae by using Nualgi. Remember, patience is a virtue when balancing your water column.

The Updates from Christian’s Ponds

Christian will be sending in videos almost every week so make sure to stay tuned for more updates.

Diary Intro – The Nualgi Ponds Dosing Plan

April 13th – 20th: Dose 1 – Water is Still Green

April 23rd: Dose 2 – Algae is Already Clearing Up

April 27th: Dose 3 – Horrible Green Tint is Gone 

May 15th: Dose 4 – Planktonic Algae is Gone and Plant Life Exploding

May 27th: Dosing Lily Pond – “This is First Time it is Clear in 10 Years And is Absolutely Drinking Water Clear”

May 28th: Dose 5 – “1.5 Years Progress in 4 Months”

Objective: Rid The System of Planktonic Algae

Christian Shostle starts by filling his 3,500 gallon holding pond with spirulina powder and other supplements to make the water turn as green as possible. Why would he do this to his water you ask? The point is to show just how powerful Nualgi is to clean up water and level out water parameters with a natural solution. Christian has a lot of experience and offers many tips for Spring pond opening in another blog post.

Learn More About Christian Shostle's Background

pond water chemistry enthusiast

Christian Shostle Bio

Christian is the founder of Cali Koi located in North Hollywood California. Christian has been taking care of Koi fish for over 30 years and now specializes in Japanese Nishikigoi. At first Christian was skeptical about using Nualgi in his ponds but in the blog, Christian Shostle Cali Koi Test, you can see how he soon realizes the huge benefits of dosing Nualgi. In an in-depth interview, Christian Shostle talks about water chemisty and aquaculture. Christian traveled through the hills of Japanese Koi farms in the Niigata region and learned the zen teachings not so common in US Koi keepers. During the interview, Christian explained the importance of diatoms in the natural food chain and explained that Nualgi helped the organic compounds by removing the single cell algae that was unbalanced in the pond.

Following the Nualgi Ponds Dosing Chart, Christian uses 3.5 mL of Nualgi each week in his 3,500 gallon pond. By the second week he has already started to see a noticeable increase in water clarity.

Check back soon to see more updates from his tank.

Diary Intro – The Nualgi Ponds Dosing Plan

Christian introduces his 3,500 gallon holding pond and discusses his dosing plan.

April 13th – 20th: Dose 1 – Water is Still Green

Christian shows us his green water and revisits one week after his first dose. When he comes back he notices that
the water is still very green and that there is a distinct green foam accumulating at the top.


April 23rd: Dose 2 – Algae is Already Clearing Up

Christian comes back after 2 weeks and points out that the pond is already clearing up. He explains that the
green foam at the top of his water is a plankton algae die off. Christian also shows us a brown discoloration in the water which is a powerful diatom bloom.

 “The pond has cleared up by more than 20%”

April 27th: Dose 3 – Horrible Green Tint is Gone

All the horrible green tint is completely disappearing!

 “I’m really quite pleased with the clarity”

May 15th: Dose 4 – Planktonic Algae is Gone and Plant Life Exploding

All the fish in the pond are clearly visible and the planktonic algae is gone. Christian discusses that his water is “as good as it gets” and points out that his plant life has exploded since he started dosing Nualgi.

“As you can see Nualgi has done its job”

May 27th: Dosing Lily Pond – “This is First Time it is Clear in 10 Years And is Absolutely Drinking Water Clear”

Christian’s Lily Pond, has low flow, filled with Plankton and is NEVER clear. After a week and half he could not be happier with the way the water glistens from the sunlight. This is the first time it has been clear in 10 years!

“Nualgi certainly proving it’s point in this small system.”

May 28th: Dose 5 – 1.5 Years Progress in 4 Months

“I run only a biological filter (20mm sized media) and no polishing filter. What’s really cool is that the nitrite and nitrate are measured at zero. Measuring zero zero zero on all the bad stuff. In a new pond this is really fantastic. Where the water is at is exceptional. It has not been filled with new water in 4 months. Has already cycled through its new pond syndrome. Everything is where it should be for micro and macro organisms.”

Everything is doing really, really quite well in here.

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