Vicky H. – “We are absolutely pleased with your product!!”


“As of today, our water is amazingly clear!!” – Vicky. H

“It’s been about 4 weeks since we starting using your product. At first, it seems as though nothing was changing. As of today, out water is amazingly clear!!” – Vicky. H, July 10, 2017 – Deloraine, Minot, North Dakota


Vicki was kind enough to share these before and after videos with us of her water going from murky green water to crystal clear! Documenting the transformation is a great way to test the water quality changes and we are thankful for Vicki capturing this to be able to share with you. At some point, unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the ‘murky green’. Thank you Vicki, we are glad you and your pond life are so happy with Nualgi.

Watch the video of Vicky’s pond

July 13, 2017 – “We are ecstatic!”

“We are ecstatic!! This is our third year of ponding. Every year it was the same icky green water.The first video was our yucky green algae filled pond. The second is our AMAZING pond after four weeks of using your product. We are absolutely pleased with your product!! 40 plus goldfish are now visible and thriving. No UV clarifier either. THANK YOU. “

July 13, 2017

“WOW, this stuff is incredible!!!”

We have a 1500 gallon pond. There are 40 large goldfish in it. Every year the water turned green with algae and we couldn’t even see a fish!

We have a large filter that had a UV clarifier. The water was still green. We tried everything to clear it. We even resorted to the garbage can filled with batting to try to remove the nasty green stuff.I happened upon Nualgi Pond while searching the Internet to see what we could safely use. It took a full 4 weeks for it to work, but, WOW, this stuff is incredible!!! I can see completely down to the bottom of our 3 foot deep pond. I can even read the words on my pumps! We did as the directions said. I also contacted their support staff about cleaning the filter and had instant response. The fish are way more active, the pond plants look amazing too. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

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November 26, 2018

“This is our second season with Nualgi”

“Spring was beautiful in North Dakota this year, our pond looked amazingly clear.” Now winter has come and we always wondered what Vicky’s pond would look like once the ice and snow kicked in. Awesome!

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