Vicki G. – “Haven’t used my UV at all since Nualgi!”

Vicki tells us she's tempted to show off her electric bills as much as her pond seeing she's noticed such a dramatic decrease in costs since using Nualgi in her pond.

“Nualgi is the best stuff on the market!” – Vicki G.

Like many pond owners around the world, Vicki deals with the dramatic changes in weather that has our ponds looking like they are completely different ponds. We love this little pump house, built by her son-in-low too – almost unrecognizable in the winter!

Fall, 2016

“Started using Nualgi in the Fall of 2016. Last year I ran my UV light for a total of 2 weeks, off and on all summer (June-August). This year I haven’t used it at all!”

“I gave my UV to my neighbor, she has yet to try Nualgi but I keep showing her my pond. Maybe I should show her my before and after electric bills instead!!!

June, 2017

Here is Vicki’s pond covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. Fish are safe and sheltered below the cold weather. “Since adding Nualgi, I know the fish are just loving the live food.”


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