Valerie M – “Nualgi and patience and our pond is clear!”

Nualgi is compatible with a beneficial bacteria and after taking our recommendation on Microbe-Lift PBL, Valerie has maintained a stunning and clear pond.

“I am happy and enjoying my pond!” – Valerie M.

Valerie and her family have the ultimate garden oasis nestled into their backyard in Millersburg, Ohio. We first noticed Valerie’s pond when she posted to a comment on our Facebook page, mentioning how UV wasn’t for her.

July 10, 2016

Never had UV and don’t care to. Bacteria, barley, Nualgi and patience and our pond is clear!”

July 19, 2018

“My view from my deck/pergola. I just want to say, I have been using Microbe PLA and Barley Extract along with Nualgi but the pond had a green color since spring. You had suggested to use Nualgi and Microbe-Lift PBL and I am happy to let you know that it’s been 5 days and I can see 18″ to 24″ already. I am HAPPY and finally enjoying my pond. I’m a believer in the combo of the two.”


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