“Tried for years to control algae!”

We love nothing more than natural pond success stories. Too many pond owners struggle endlessly to get rid of algae. All we really want is a clean clear pond to enjoy, and a healthy environment for our fish. 

That’s why we were so pleased to hear from Bedelia. Bedelia uses Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria & Nualgi Muck Remover and reports that her pond is clearer than ever!

"Tried for years to control algae with no luck until I found Nualgi products. I have been using two years now. Pond is clearer than it has ever been!"

– Bedelia R.


Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner + Beneficial Bacteria work together to recalibrate your pond chemistry. With a small regular dose of both, you give nature the helping hand she needs to rebalance your pond’s ecosystem.

Adding Muck Remover works to naturally eliminate pond muck and sludge, cleaning your pond from the bottom up!

Avoid endless maintenance by kick starting your pond’s natural ecosystem. Make this ultimate combo your secret weapon in the fight for a clean, healthy and hassle-free pond.



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