8 Ways to Enjoy Your Pond This Winter

While summer paints our backyard ponds with vibrant life and bustling activity, winter often gets written off as a season of slumbering water and forgotten beauty. But hold on, nature enthusiasts! Winter transforms our ponds into enchanting landscapes, holding a unique magic rarely appreciated. Let’s ditch the worries about pumps and filters for a moment […]

The Chill of Winter: Keeping Your Koi Cozy When the Temperature Drops

Picture this: crisp frost paints the air, sunlight dances on a frozen pond, and beneath the icy surface, your beloved koi glide in a silent ballet. Winter has arrived, and with it, the unique challenge of caring for your pond’s prized residents. Fear not, fellow koi enthusiasts! Just like those fish gracefully navigating the chill, […]

Pond Winterization Guide: Protect Aquatic Life & Equipment with Nualgi Ponds

Winter is fast approaching, and it’s time to properly winterize your pond to ensure that both your aquatic life and pond equipment remain protected and functional throughout the colder months. Focusing on pond winterization will help maintain your backyard oasis’s beauty and health, minimizing potential damage caused by freezing temperatures and ice. Nualgi Ponds brings […]

How to Winterize Your Backyard Pond

Winterizing your backyard pond is important to protect your fish and plants from the cold weather. Here are the steps involved: Remove tropical plants. If you have any tropical plants in your pond, you will need to remove them and bring them indoors before the first frost. Tropical plants will not survive the cold winter […]