How to Deal With Carpet Algae

Koi fish pond

A Nualgi user recently wrote to us about their pond. While the water was crystal clear, there seemed to be quite a bit of algae or “Pond Carpet” on the rocks at the bottom. One of our pond experts was able to provide advice on the right steps to take to get things back on […]

How to Naturally Prevent and Control Algae Growth in Your Pond

Explore natural methods to prevent and control algae growth in your backyard pond and utilize eco-friendly practices for maintaining a pond in this guide from Nualgi Ponds. Creating a picturesque backyard pond free of algae can sometimes feel like a formidable challenge. Algae are common in ponds, and while some algae presence is normal and […]

“We can easily see the bottom of our pond!”

There’s nothing we love more than a pond success story. Nobody wants to deal with a murky pond full of algae that doesn’t let you see your beautiful fish. That’s exactly what Jenifer was dealing with before she started dosing a combination of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner and Beneficial Bacteria. In addition to achieving the […]

Koi Keeping: How to Make Your Koi Happy, Healthy, and Vibrant

Koi fish, renowned for their regal beauty, captivating presence, and auspicious symbolism, hold a place of honor in countless backyard ponds around the world. These elegant aquatic residents have an unparalleled ability to infuse an outdoor water garden with a sense of serenity, spiritual depth, and natural wonder, elevating the pond experience to new heights […]