Steve O. – Clear as glass water!

2018 was hot, temps in high 90's. Nualgi stays consistent in tackling algae and maintaining a healthy ecosystem during excessive heat.

“Temps here around 96 the last several days in a row! Clear as glass water!
” – Steve O.

Looking back at some pond results from the 2018 season. Steve is from Pearl, Mississippi and at this time of year the temperatures are in rising making the algae spread at a faster pace. Steve was using Nualgi for the first time and like any pond owner he was worried at first but as time passed by his pond got clearer and better.

June 27, 2018

“After almost 4 weeks, Nualgi dosing has helped to completely control algae blooms during the hottest days of the year. It’s 95 degrees here and my water is clear and bottom muck is disappearing and being removed manually little by little.”

“Steve says: The product is still doing great. Temps here around 96 the last several days in a row! Clear as glass water!”

Safe to say that Steve’s pond is in a beautiful location and we very much look forward to updates on plant and fish growth and health.


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