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10 Essential Steps to Open Your Backyard Pond Like a Pro

The winter slumber is over, the birds are chirping, and the sun is warming the earth. It’s that magical time of year when your backyard pond awakens from its frosty nap, yearning for your springtime touch. But before you dive headfirst into pond maintenance, remember, a successful spring opening requires

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Koi fish pond

How to Deal With Carpet Algae

A Nualgi user recently wrote to us about their pond. While the water was crystal clear, there seemed to be quite a bit of algae or “Pond Carpet” on the rocks at the bottom. One of our pond experts was able to provide advice on the right steps to take

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Advice on Starting Up My Pond?

If you have a pond, you’ve likely had to deal with algae in some form or another. One of the most stubborn forms of algae is string algae.  While it’s a general rule that most of the heavy lifting to remove string algae is manual work, Nualgi Ponds products are

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5 Subtle Signs of Spring in Your Backyard Pond

While a blanket of snow might still cling to the ground, life beneath the surface of your backyard pond is quietly stirring. March, though often perceived as winter’s lingering holdout, actually marks the preliminary whispers of spring within this miniature aquatic ecosystem. Forget waiting for vibrant flowers or buzzing bees;

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