Scientifically designed and super easy to use!

When it comes to awesome customers like Jen, we’re just happy we could deliver the crystal clear pond she was hoping for! Even with full sun and heat, you CAN achieve the pond of your dreams with a little patience!

Took a whole month, then BAM! All clear. Amazing. Tried this after beneficial bacteria we were using (Microbe Lift) was helping but not completely keeping things under control. We started using this in conjunction with it, and only needed 2 drops each week for our pond size. We had our doubts the first few weeks because our pond did NOT clear up fast like some reviewers said. It took the full 4 weeks. But once it got clear, it has stayed clear. I can’t believe I spent good money on a tiny bottle of what is basically fancy pond water with super special algae in it, but yes, it is worth it. Our pond is a 165 gallon plastic insert that already had marginal plants, snails and mosquito fish, which was clear, then got gradually worse over the summer. This cleared it up even in the full sun and heat.


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