Roy E. – “So green” to “Super clear”

“Water is super clear now and I fully enjoy my pond.”
– Roy E.

Roy shared his experiences using Nualgi Ponds to our Facebook page after trying Nualgi Ponds in the Spring of 2017. Please note: minor edits were made from the original comments to improve legibility / correct typos

Before Nualgi Ponds…

Green pond BEFORE using Nualgi Ponds

“We moved into our new house with an existing pond and it’s been three years of living hell trying to maintain the pond. This Spring, water was so green you couldn’t see 2 inches beyond the surface.”

After trying Nualgi Ponds

Clear pond AFTER using Nualgi Ponds

“It works great. Couldn’t be happier with this product. Water is super clear now and I fully enjoy my pond…I haven’t used the UV light since I unplugged it this Spring. I used a $25 bottle of Nualgi and it lasted me all summer. So much cheaper than a $100 UV bulb and does a better job!“.


  1. Have a small backyard pond of approx 130 gallons. Have been using a UV sterilizer for many years. While it keeps the water very clear, it does not affect the string algae. So, once or twice a season, I have to empty the pond and remove it manually. I have tried a few algae control products with minimal success. So, I came across Nualgi and thought it was worth a try. Well, after only about 5 days, all of the string algae is gone and the water is sparkling clear. This stuff works.

    • Thanks for the feedback Ron! So glad you and your pond are seeing the benefits of Nualgi.

  2. I have tried everything in my pond water still like pea soup

  3. I don’t understand why this doesn’t work on my pond…..each year I try it …


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