Roger D. – No More Algaecide

Roger D. owns a 8800 gallon water garden. Roger was reluctant to give up his use of the UV light and algaecides, but after he verified that Nualgi was an all-natural remedy, he decided to give it a try.

“My fish have done a complete 180 since using this product with no UV light (that I was using for 2 years prior)! They look better, feel better… And I also just took another pump for air out because this product helps keeping oxygen in the water!” – Roger

Roger D. owns a 8800 gallon water garden that used to be a swimming pool! Roger was reluctant to give up his use of the UV light and algaecides, but after he verified that Nualgi was an all-natural remedy, he decided to give it a try.



Since Roger started using Nualgi Ponds, he was able to turn off the UV lights that he had been using for two years and discontinue his use of algaecides. By restoring his pond to a naturally balanced state; not only was his water clearer, but he also reports that his plants are healthier along with seeing baby fish and other wildlife growing in his pond.


July 4, 2016

After having some initial concerns, Roger now recommends using Nualgi after our support and guidance. 

“You have to realize if you are going to make your pond totally natural then this is a process! My opinion is that this product will work but you need to be patient and use Micro-Lab P/L to expedite the process. I started three weeks ago and have since turned off my UV lights! Today I noticed baby fish snails and all kinds of biological matter which makes for a clear pond. And my plants look great! Fish are more active and eating all these natural organic species. All the algaecide I was using was killing everything I wanted in my pond! Once all this takes place, the pond gets cleared with the help of snails, shrimp, zooplankton and phytoplankton. It takes time! Good luck!”



June 25, 2016

Roger was still a little skeptical when he first started dosing Nualgi Ponds and reached out to other Nualgi users on our Facebook page for advice.

“I just started Nualgi a week ago and am getting a little discouraged! I turned the UV lights off my 2 Aquascape 3500 bio-filters and it doesn’t look any different.”

June 7, 2016

Roger was initially reluctant to give Nualgi a try because he thought it was expensive. But we assured him that he only requires an extremely amount of Nualgi to start the process. 

“The issue is the price is a little high when you have to do this process every 7 days! And you have to wait 1 or 2 months to clear? My pond is 8,800, $65 is a bit pricey per week! I find that if you put small parts of algaecide every few days to a week then put double as much good bacteria or sludge destroyer in 2 to 3 days later has shown good results and quite cheaper! Of course putting too much algaecide in will cut the oxygen off of your fish! Do small amounts more often and use good bacteria and your fish will love you!”



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