Ray H. – “Fish are doing great and NO UV LIGHT!”

Been using your product for about a year, great results! My pond & fish are doing great!

“Nualgi Ponds is it! All I’m going to say is this stuff works! – Ray H.”

Ray stayed patient, asked lots of great questions and did his research before trusting to turn off his UV light and work with Nualgi in his pond.

Going on two season now and Ray’s pond is thriving. Ray shared, that there was a stressful time when a few new Koi he purchased introduced ick to his pond and sadly he lost some fish. He followed our instructions and was able to regain a healthy pond environment for his fish.

July 20, 2017

“My pond is doing better now, it seems now my pond is finally stable, I am continuing to use Nualgi and the fish are eating and seem to be back to healthy again.”

July 21, 2017

“It has definitely helped! I stopped using it for a couple of weeks, while I treated the ick…that is what you said to do. When fish started to get better, I started using Nualgi, twice a week. Almost immediately the next day could see a difference in the fish. They seemed healthier and they had an appetite again, so far so good!”

May 25, 2018

“I can see down to the bottom in my pond. It will only get better and the fish will be healthier and happier. Very pleased with the results” – Ray H.


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