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The Ultimate Clear Pond Combo

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Koi ponds are a cherished addition to any backyard landscape. However, maintaining the pristine clarity and health of your koi pond can be a daunting task. Nualgi Ponds’ Ultimate Clear Pond Combo is your one-stop solution for achieving the crystal-clear water and thriving koi that you desire.

The Natural Secret to Clear, Healthy Pond Water

At the heart of the Ultimate Clear Pond Combo lies Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner, Instead of killing algae, Nualgi Ponds promotes the growth of diatoms – the good microbes that outcompete the bad algae and starve them of food – preventing them from turning your pond green. It works synergistically with Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria, a natural way to reduce fish waste, toxins & odor. Our specially formulated beneficial bacteria help naturally reduce ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels, as well as break down fish waste.

Nurture Your Koi with the Nualgi Muck Remover

Excess muck, a byproduct of fish waste and decaying plant matter, can accumulate in your pond, leading to murky water and unhealthy conditions for your koi. Nualgi Muck Remover, a key component of the Ultimate Clear Pond Combo, tackles this issue head-on. Its unique formula breaks down muck into easily removable particles, restoring clarity and balance to your pond’s ecosystem.

The Ultimate Clear Pond Combo

Why Koi Pond Owners Love Nualgi’s Ultimate Clear Pond Combo

  • 100% Natural and Safe for Koi: Nualgi products are formulated with natural ingredients and are completely safe for koi and other aquatic life.

  • Effortless Maintenance: The Ultimate Clear Pond Combo simplifies pond maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your koi rather than tending to pond chores.

  • Crystal-Clear Water: Experience the joy of crystal-clear pond water that showcases the beauty of your koi in all their glory.

  • Healthy Koi, Thriving Ecosystem: Nualgi’s products promote a balanced pond ecosystem, ensuring the health and vitality of your koi.

Transform Your Koi Pond into a Haven of Beauty

With Nualgi’s Ultimate Clear Pond Combo, your koi pond will radiate with sparkling clarity and vibrant life. Experience the satisfaction of nurturing your koi in a healthy, thriving ecosystem, and let the tranquility of your pond enhance your backyard oasis.

How to Get Rid of String Algae for Good!

String algae is a filamentous species that attaches to plants, hangs from rocks in waterfalls, or hangs on the surface of the water (which is referred to as Blanket Algae). The long strands tangle together and form thick mats that can double their weight within 24 hours!

This unsightly green mess tends to adhere directly to rocks and is not to be confused with the good algae which forms on the side of the pond and is soft, velvety, and jelly-like.
To remove and reduce string algae you must scoop it out first and then get to the bottom of the issue in your water chemistry. Some sources suggest using a pond algaecide to kill off the remaining algae but algaecides can be harmful to fish and plants and don’t descriminate between good and bad bacteria leaving you with an unbalanced pond environment.

Recalibrate Your Pond Chemistry

Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner is packed full of nutrients that feed diatoms (the good algae you want). This gives the diatoms a boost, so they thrive, out competing nuisance algae.

Plus they create the vital oxygen that all the life in your pond needs – including our good bacteria friends that clean that brown sludge.

Combine the power of diatoms with Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria and you get 6 specially chosen bacteria strains that eat organic matter and naturally clean your pond. This team of beneficial bacteria reduces ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels and breaks down fish waste, toxins and odors.

Man-made chemicals & UV sterilizers create a dependency that actually weakens your pond biology & prevents natural water chemistry from balancing. Consistent use of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner + Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria can decrease or eliminate the use of harmful pond chemicals.

It’s not because it’s better for the fish & plants.

It’s not because it’s safer for your pets and kids (or grandkids). And it’s not even because it’s cheaper.

Prevent Stains, Mineral Deposits & Water Lines, Naturally.

Your feathered friends deserve a refreshing dip in a clean and inviting bird bath. Nualgi’s Bird Bath Cleaner is a natural enzyme blend that effectively prevents stains and mineral deposits from building up, ensuring your bird bath remains a welcoming oasis for birds of all kinds.

Nualgi Bird bath Cleaner

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Nualgi Bird Bath Cleaner contains an all-natural enzyme blend that’s designed to prevent stains and mineral deposits from building up on your bird bath, fountain and other water features. 

Perfect for ceramic, marble, plastic, rubber and stone, this all-natural cleaner helps keep your birdbath and fountain sparkling while reducing the amount of maintenance time you’re spending on it.

  • All-natural formula: Safe for birds, aquatic life, pets, and the environment

  • Prevents stains and mineral deposits: Keeps your bird bath sparkling clean

  • Concentrated formula: A little goes a long way

  • Easy to use: Simply add 1/2 ounce per week

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