The natural way to reduce fish waste, toxins & odor. Our specially formulated beneficial bacteria help naturally reduce ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels, as well as break down fish waste.


Maintaining Your Pond Just Got Easier

Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria is a combination of 6 specially chosen bacteria strains that eat organic matter and clean your pond. This team of beneficial bacteria reduces ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels and breaks down fish waste and odors. And at a higher concentration, they make other bacteria products seem puny in comparison.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria is 100% safe for all your pond’s inhabitants.

Improve Water Clarity & Quality

Bacteria is a fact of pond life. The good bacteria in Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria start to crowd out the bad, rebalancing your pond’s ecosystem. And when that happens you get a beautiful crystal clear pond that is a haven to fish and wildlife – and a joy to sit beside.

Natural Pond Care is Better


Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria works brilliantly well on its own. Combine it with Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner and you unleash the power of nature to fully and completely recalibrate your pond chemistry!


Once you achieve balance, just a small regular dose of both gives Mother Nature the helping hand she needs to keep your pond’s ecosystem healthy and balanced. And, you cut your pond maintenance time down to almost nothing!

Crystal-Clear Water, Naturally

Please be patient. Naturally balancing your pond’s water chemistry can take time but the benefits are worth it! If you’re in doubt or have questions, click here to speak with our experts.

Need Help Calculating Your Pond Water Volume?

Check out our easy to use Pond Volume Calculator so you know exactly how much you should be dosing!

Meet the Nualgi Family!

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