Nualgi Ponds Dosage


Shake the bottle vigorously and measure out the proper dose. Better to under dose than to add more than the recommended amount.

Physically remove dead leaves, debris and any algae that you can scoop out before starting the Nualgi dose. 


Nualgi Ponds should be dosed every 7 days, preferably in the morning to maximize effectiveness.

You can use Nualgi Ponds throughout the winter and spring by following dosing on the label. Use reduced dose frequency as the water temperature changes. Below is a guide on how often to apply Nualgi Ponds into your water system.

  • 40°-49° – Dose once a month
  • 50°-59° – Dose once every two weeks
  • 60°+ – Dose once a week with normal instructions

For ponds under 5000 gallons with good flow, Nualgi can be dosed directly into the skimmer or the waterfall or some other area of good flow.

For larger ponds, dilute the dosage in a jar of pond water and pour it in the accessible parts of the pond by walking around the periphery.

PondPatrol Dosage
Size of Pond: (Gallons) 1st Use (purge) Next 4 Weeks (once / week) Maintenance (once / month)
Under 200 4 oz. 1 oz. 1 oz.
201 - 500 5 oz. 1.5 oz. 1.5 oz.
501 - 1,000 6 oz. 2 oz. 2 oz.
1,001 - 5,000 8 oz. 3 oz. 3 oz.
5,001 - 10,000 16 oz. 8 oz. 8 oz.
10,001 - 50,000 32 oz. 14 oz. 14 oz.
50,000 - 100,000 64 oz. 24 oz. 24 oz.


Something to keep in mind: Bacteria start to go dormant at colder temperatures. They are only 50% effective at 65° and just 25% effective below 50°.

Nualgi Ponds & PondPatrol – Sale

(10 customer reviews)


Unleash the power of nature

PondPatrol and Nualgi work together to recalibrate your pond chemistry. With a small regular dose of both, you give nature the helping hand she needs to rebalance your pond’s ecosystem.

The result? A beautiful crystal clear pond that is a haven to fish and wildlife – and a joy to sit beside.

Avoid endless maintenance by kick starting your pond’s natural ecosystem. Make the superhero combo of PondPatrol + Nualgi Ponds your secret weapon in the fight for a clean, healthy and hassle-free pond.

Not sure what size to buy?

Use this pond size calculator to determine the weekly dose for you pond.

Send in the pond superheroes to win the fight for a clear, healthy and hassle-free pond

Combine both of these microscopic superheroes for a discount AND better results!

Plus, you get exclusive access to email support from our pond experts. Get help diagnosing and fixing any pond related issues you have.


Good bacteria fight back

PondPatrol is a combination of 6 specially chosen bacteria strains that eat organic matter and clean your pond. This team of beneficial bacteria reduces ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels and breaks down fish waste, toxins and odors. And at a higher concentration, they make other bacteria products seem puny in comparison.

Outcompete the bad algae

Nualgi is packed full of nutrients that feed diatoms (the good algae you want). This gives the diatoms a boost, so they thrive, out competing nuisance algae. Plus they create the vital oxygen that all the life in your pond needs – including our good bacteria friends that clean that brown sludge.

Unleash the power of nature

PondPatrol and Nualgi work together to recalibrate your pond chemistry. With a small regular dose of both, you give nature the helping hand she needs to rebalance your pond’s ecosystem. The result? A beautiful crystal clear pond that is a haven to fish and wildlife – and a joy to sit beside.


Size of Pond: (Gallons) Recommended Pack: Price: Purchase:
Under 1,000 Nualgi 60 ml + 16oz Beneficial Bacteria $57 Add to Cart
1,000 - 5,000 Nualgi 125 ml + 32oz Beneficial Bacteria $99.74 Add to Cart
5,000- 10,000 Nualgi 250 ml + 48oz Beneficial Bacteria $156.73 Add to Cart
Over 10,000 Nualgi 500 ml + 80oz Beneficial Bacteria $256.46 Add to Cart

Loved by pond owners around the world…

Love Nualgi! It cleared up green water within two weeks and continues to provide crystal clear water. Recommend!

Jamie G

I started using it last year. I love it. In a week I went from pea soup to seeing the bottom. My pond is 25,000 gallons.

Diane R

I just started using it, I noticed a difference three days after the first application. Just made the second application three days ago and see more difference. If it will work on my swamp pond, it will work anywhere. Excited to see how well it will do.

Jesse C

I started it on Sunday and I must say the algae on my waterfalls just wipes off! It is crazy awesome!

Linda H

I promise anyone with green water. You will not be disappointed. It cleared my pond in 1 day. I’m amazed

Tim F

I can see the string algae dying around my rocks. The water is definitely clearer. Good going so far!

Maria A

10 reviews for Nualgi Ponds & PondPatrol - Sale

  1. Charlene Crotts


  2. Warren Royal

    I have been using nualgi for 3 yrs still can’t get rid of green water pool is 15 feet round 4 foot deep above ground I dose 4 one ml week what am I doing wrong.

    • Nualgi Ponds

      Hello Warren, it looks like there is something else that is preventing you from getting results. Lets get you over to Christian, our troubleshooter. Here is the link to access him…

  3. Patricia (verified owner)

    Hi, I have used the algae control for several years now. It works!!!! My pond is 16 feet across and 4 feet deep. I can see my fish!!
    I just placed an order that included PondPatrol. I still do have a sludge problem though. I’m hoping that PondPatrol will work as good as the Nualgi Pond. I’m using a pond vac to remove excess sludge and fish waste.

  4. CK

    We tried many products to try to get clear water. Our pond was always dingy and never clear. We tried your Np and PP and within a week we saw a big difference. Our pond has been so clear ever since and we can really enjoy it now. Thanks!

  5. C and J

    We have a small 600 gallon pond. Our water was always so murky and greenish and we could only see our fish if they were near the surface. Totally not what we envisioned. The algicides and other products we used didn’t work well and we worried that using too much would harm our fish friends. We saw your add and decided to try it and Wow. We were so excited that after 1 week of using the NP + PP our water was so clear we could see all the way to the bottom. A small maintenance dose each week has kept it crystal clear all summer! Now we love to spend time feeding fish and enjoying our pond. We are extremely pleased with your product and highly recommend it to all pond lovers!

  6. Laura A.

    Amazing products! No string algae for the first time in 6 years of maintaining my koi pond. Water is clear and my koi are the healthiest I’ve ever seen them!

  7. Nancy B.

    The pond patrol cleared our small goldfish pond. Took about 2.5 weeks, but looked much healthier than prior of ordering Pond Patrol. I have give 2 dosages and can see the bottom very clearly.

  8. Happy Pond Owner

    These products work great. They are more effective than anything else I’ve tried in prior years. They also last a very long time which makes them worth the money. Nothing works better in my sun filled pond than the Nualgi products!

  9. Kathy

    The products work really good. We used to have a problem with string algae but not anymore. This is the best our waterfall and pond has ever looked. I definitely will keep using both products. Thank you.

  10. Diana O.

    Very grateful for natural, non-toxic solution for balanced pond maintenance.

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