Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner + Beneficial Bacteria work together to recalibrate your pond chemistry. With a small regular dose of both, you give nature the helping hand she needs to rebalance your pond’s ecosystem.

The result? A beautiful crystal clear pond that is a haven to fish and wildlife – and a joy to sit beside.

Avoid endless maintenance by kick starting your pond’s natural ecosystem. Make this superhero combo your secret weapon in the fight for a clean, healthy and hassle-free pond.


Outcompete Bad Algae and Boost Good Pond Bacteria

Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner is packed full of nutrients that feed diatoms (the good algae you want). This gives the diatoms a boost, so they thrive, out competing nuisance algae. Plus they create the vital oxygen that all the life in your pond needs – including our good bacteria friends that clean that brown sludge. Combine the power of diatoms with Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria and you get 6 specially chosen bacteria strains that eat organic matter and naturally clean your pond. This team of beneficial bacteria reduces ammonia, nitrate and phosphate levels and breaks down fish waste, toxins and odors.

The results? Crystal-clear water, naturally!

Koi fish pond

Go Natural With Nualgi

Man-made chemicals & UV sterilizers create a dependency that actually weakens your pond biology & prevents natural water chemistry from balancing. Consistent use of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner + Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria can decrease or eliminate the use of harmful pond chemicals.

Going natural is the easiest way to care for your pond over the long-term. You simply have to do less work. You get the beautiful tranquil pond you dreamed about, without the endless pond maintenance


Size of Pond
Recommended PackPrice
Under 1,000Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner 60 ml + Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria 16 oz$56.99
1,000-5,000Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner 125 ml + Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria 32 oz$99.99
5,000-10,000Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner 250 ml + Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria 48 oz$156.99
Over 10,000Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner 500 ml + Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria 80 oz$256.99

Need Help Calculating Your Pond Water Volume?

Check out our easy to use Pond Volume Calculator so you know exactly how much you should be dosing!

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