Pond Poll of the Month

In this month’s pond poll, we want to know which of our favorite algae eating fish for ponds do you like the best?

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What Algae Eating Fish Should I Choose for My Pond?

Every pond is different and you must evaluate your current inhabitants to decide which will play nice together. Certain fish will grow too big for your pond and others will do best when you group them together. Learn our recommendations for why you may or may not want to select each of these algae eaters.


  • Koi fish do not have a diet centered around algae, but they will consume it if they are hungry, especially during the winter hibernation, when food is scarce. Occasionally a koi can eat smaller fish too!
  • The Chinese High-Fin Banded Shark consume algae well, but it is also a larger fish, and will require a larger pond to really thrive.
  • The Siamese Flying Fox is a great algae eater and can go well in groups, but needs a well oxygenated pond to simulate the oxygen rich ponds from its origins.
  • The Pond Loach is recommended for new pond owners. It is durable and will consume a lot of algae, while not requiring too much maintenance.
  • Channel Catfish will not only eat algae, but dead or decomposing fish. It can be aggressive with other fish, so be careful to do your research before adding to pond.
  • Finally, the Japanese Trapdoor Snail is a very docile algae eater who can act as a waste manager scouring the pond floor for leftover food and other edible material.