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Koi & Water Garden Show Celebrates 23 Years

We attended the 23rd annual koi and water garden show in Bothell, WA on Sept. 5- Sept. 7th to learn more about the society’s involvement in the community as well as to inform the group of how Nualgi Ponds can improve the quality of their Koi Fish. All in all, it was a fun and educational time, even for the kids at the show! In this article, find out some of the lessons we learned and the amazing people we met within the pond community.

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fountain pond aerator

Pond Aeration: How to Choose the Right Aerator

Learn the many benefits to installing a mechanism in your pond for aeration. Not only is it essential for your fish, plants, and shrimp to receive well oxygenated water for survival, but it also adds a tranquil feature to your…

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pond cleaner and removal of algae

Pond Algae Control

Controlling nuisance algae is vital to the health of your pond. Balancing out your pond naturally will lead to better long term results than quick fixes. Do your research and learn what product or combination of solutions will best benefit your fish, plants, and overall pond health.

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