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Koi Pond Care for the Summer

In this article, we will walk you through the common issues facing Koi pond owners and then share our best practices for Koi pond care during the Summer months.  

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Koi Fish Happiness 101: Developing a Hand-Feeding Friendship

Koi are a great judge of water quality and overall conditions. When you learn to recognize your Koi’s behavioral cues you access valuable information, such as being alerted to changes in the environment. This allows you to be responsive to their needs, which in turn increases their happiness while developing a beautiful pet-owner relationship.

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uv light and pond filter being pulled from a pond that has clear water

Is A UV Pond Filter The Best Choice For My Pond?

Natural methods of pond filtration have made UV filters obsolete. Learn why UV pond filters are a commonly used method to clarify water, even while they unknowingly eliminate beneficial bacteria. Eliminate UV filtration system expenses and maintenance by balancing your pond naturally.

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Winter Pond Care Guide Download

Download our winter pond care guide featuring interviews with industry experts to learn winter pond care tips and unique ideas from the professionals for managing fish, plants, technology, and water quality during the fall/winter months.

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