Pond Aeration Tips: Waterfall vs. Fountain

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This blog post will examine the importance of keeping pond water aerated, and further investigate the debate between waterfalls and fountains.

In layman’s terms, aeration is the process in which air gets mixed in with a liquid — in this case, your pond water! As some of you may know, aeration is one of the most important factors in promoting the health of both a pond and it’s inhabitants. This is because oxygen plays one of the most crucial roles of any element in water.  Without the proper amounts of dissolved oxygen in your pond water, you wouldn’t be surprised to problems such as algae blooms or loss of fish to arise.  Luckily for us, there are many different techniques that pond users have developed for proper aeration.  These techniques range from simply increasing the amount of aquatic plants, to building custom aeration equipment.  However, today we’re going to examine two of the more popular techniques: waterfalls and fountains.


Often seen in backyard ponds and water gardens geared toward the more natural look, waterfalls are a great way to increase aeration in a pond.  In addition to functionality, aesthetics (imagine babbling water sounds, sun glistening off of cascading water) are one of the selling points of waterfalls.


  • Adds a natural look to the pond
  • Emulates a natural form of aeration
  • Doesn’t stick out like mechanical devices


  • If not naturally occurring, installation can be costly and time consuming
  • May not aerate as effectively as mechanical devices


Common in golf course ponds, fountains are another one of the most popular methods of water aeration.  These features are driven by pumping surface water through one main mechanism and propelling it into the air.


  • Very efficient in completely aerating smaller bodies of water
  • Visually appealing
  • Great intersection of mechanized efficiency and natural beauty


  • Maintenance costs
  • Can be ineffective in deeper bodies of water

Still not sure about which method is right for you?

You’re not alone.  Every pond is unique to the next, and each pond will respond differently to each method of aeration.  Finding the most efficient way to incorporate higher levels of oxygen pond is an important task for any pond owner.  This knowledge is, more often than not, attained from trial and error of sifting through the plethora of aeration techniques.  However, whether you choose a waterfall, fountain, wind aerator, paddlewheel, or horizontal aspirator (to name a few), you can always benefit by coupling these methods with Nualgi Ponds.  Proven to aid in the processes that promote higher levels of dissolved oxygen, a quick and easy regimen of Nualgi Ponds serves as an extra force in the battle for better aeration.  Don’t put your pond and/or fish health at risk by neglecting proper aeration techniques, try these methods in conjunction with Nualgi Ponds today!

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