Patience is key!

One of our latest success stories comes from an Amazon customer. But success didn’t happen overnight. It’s a great example of the patience required when dealing with a natural pond environment. 

This user who goes by “Duck” was having concerns over the efficacy of Natural Pond Cleaner and Beneficial Bacteria. However once he contacted our troubleshooting team, Christian, one of our pond experts was able to help get him back on the right track. Read his full review below.

Read about Nualgi and the concept sounds good. Grow Diatom and have them eat up the nitrate and starve the algae. Shutdown my UV so it won’t kill the diatom. I have a 2000 gallon pond with just 4 kois so it is not heavily stocked. I only feed them once a day.

You only need to add 1ml per 1000 gallon so I bought the smallest bottle to try which is 60ml. This should last 30 weeks for me. Expected results can vary from a few days to up to 4 weeks so decided to try it for at lesst four weeks. I was careful not to over dose as it contains metal which can be harmful to kois if you add too much. Did notice my kois were much less active once I started adding nualgi.

After 4 weeks, no improvements at all. I was really hoping this would work because Diatoms would lower the nitrates. UV filter would just kill the algae but the nitrate is still there so I liked Nuagli’s approach better. I will wait another 1 to 2 weeks then go back to my UV filter.

Hope other users have better luck. I was hoping to at least see some kind of improvement. Attached weekly pictures. No visual improvements.

June 18, 2022 Up-date
Changed rating from 1 star to 4 stars. Christian at Nualgi suggested my problem may be because my pond has no diatoms. I added 3 gallons of water from one of my fishtanks and put as much diatoms as I can then waited a month. After 1 month, added 2ml of Nualgi and the pond cleared up in 3 days. Seems to be working. It was hard to believe my pond didn't have any diatoms. Regardless, glad the algae is gone and I can now see my kois. Nitrate levels seems to have gone down also. Didn't use my UV filter at all.


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