Small, Concentrated, and Perfect for Small Backyard Ponds

Introducing a new member to our growing Nualgi family!

We have now released a 60 ml bottle of Nualgi Ponds, our concentrated algae control formula with breakthrough nanontechnology to improve all aspects of your habitat. This bottle size may appear small, but it will treat a 2500 gallon pond for 24 weeks making it perfect for people with small backyard ponds!



Good Things Come in Small Packages

The bottle might be small, 2 fluid ounces to be precise, but it is the size of a vast universe to the tiny, little diatoms it will stimulate growth to balance your habitat.

The powerful action of these microscopic diatoms are essential to leaving your pond happy. They say the bigger the better, but we wanted to try something a little different; now we have a bottle to suit owners with small backyard ponds.

Not sure the size of your pond? Use the pond calculator on our Nualgi Ponds product page.

For all of our pond maintaining friends, we have 4 different sizes of our product that aim to keep your pond thriving and clean. Sold at 60 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml sizes, Nualgi Ponds products have helped our recreational pond users and competitive friends to keep winning ponds.

Did You Know: Koi Champions Use Nualgi Ponds

Koi champion shown with his holding tank in san diegoWe had the pleasure of visiting the SD Koi Show and meeting it’s Grand Champion.

To our excitement, we learned Chien Lee was already using Nualgi Ponds in his water and had been for 6 months without a UV filter!

60 ml Bottle – Lower Cost to Try in Your Small Backyard PondNualgi ponds bottles

To a new user, Nualgi Ponds might seem expensive; but now in the new 60 ml size, new users can sample away without any buyer’s remorse. Though you will still need to pull out that dreaded string algae!

This bottle is small but powerful, it treats 2,500 gallons of water in 24 weeks. These diatoms don’t stop! In our eyes, all ponds are unique and we wanted to provide our friends with smaller ponds a solution to help with algae control as well as prevention of new pond syndrome.


Have a Large Pond or Lake? We Have the Solution for You

Please contact us to learn more about the products we offer for managing larger sized bodies of water like lakes, streams, and inlets. We want to improve the quality of water across the world and starting with small backyard ponds was a step in the right direction.

If your housing association, golf course, or other large lake sized waterway needs assistance with water quality control we have a REALLY big bottle to use for these situations.

Contact Us for Lake Solutions

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