Nualgi Nanotechnology: Past, Present, and Future

No Harmful Chemicals

As humans we will continue to pollute our environment and research shows that toxic algae bloom incidents around the world are increasing at an alarming rate. Our nanotechnology has a unique opportunity to combat these global outbreaks and save our waterways with a natural solution. Read on to learn about the past and future direction of this breakthrough technology.


Toxic Algae and Water Pollution are Not Getting Any Better

dogs-algae-bloom-harmful Most proposed solutions include reducing local pollution, nutrient load, and surface runoff of fertilizer used by local farmers. But let’s be honest, as long as we need more food at reasonable prices, fertilizer runoff and nutrient pollution will continue. Farmers aren’t to blame for excess nutrients; we hold them to double standards of maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

Nualgi is the economically viable & eco-friendly solution that addresses global water pollution from excess nutrients.


Past: The History of Nualgi Nanotechnology Research

The fourth generation of this patented nano-silica-based micronutrient formula was invented by Sampath Kumar over 10 years ago for complete nutrition in an aquaculture setting with either fresh or sea water.

Nualgi for generation of live food in aquaculture ponds to boost the growth of prawns and fishes. (original packaging)


Originally created for use in shrimp farms with these benefits:

  • Improves fish survival.
  • Helps break down organic over loads.
  • Prevents organic pollution and generation of toxic gases.
  • Prevents muddy and moldy smell in prawns.
  • Improves color, freshness, strength, and weight gain.
  • Boosts immunity and reduces incidence of diseases.
  • Reduces requirement of water exchange.


With more than a decade of research outside of the United States and numerous toxicology reports proving the environmentally friendliness of Nualgi in Indian lakes and rivers, this year it was time to bring the innovation to the mainstream. Researchers began to inquire about using this nanotechnology for larger-scale environmental clean up efforts and other benefits beyond improved water quality for fish production.

Nualgi has the ability to absorb global carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse effect thereby improving the global warming problem.

Present: Balancing Nutrients in Home Aquariums & Backyard Ponds

Nualgi User trials in the United States this year.

Nualgi has the potential for eliminating water pollution and harmful toxic algae in our lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans but government adoption of new technology can be slow. The opposite has been true with consumers across the world with algae or water quality problems in their home aquatic systems so we attempted to raise the research funds through crowd funding on Kickstarter.

It has been one year since launching and there are many positive testimonials that show the value of this technology. Our US based team has started thousands of trials across the world with Nualgi Ponds and Nualgi Aquarium users to balance their ecosystems while achieving crystal clear water.

As we search for other channels to conduct this vital aquaculture research we will continue to improve on our products, their dosing instructions, and learn from the community about their individual experiences with Nualgi.


Future: Healthier Water in Aquaculture, Wastewater, and Large Waterbodies

In to the future we will continue to support clean water initiatives through awareness activities and organizational partnerships.

We see many possibilities for new uses of this breakthrough nanotechnology:

  • Nutrient Reduction in Polluted Rivers, Streams, Lakes
  • Raise Dissolved Oxygen to Avoid Mass Fish Kill
  • Improved Aquaculture Production
  • More Efficient Wastewater Facilities
  • Food Processing Center Advancements
  • Foliar Nutrient Feeding of Agriculture

Over the last month we’ve made new friends in aquaculture innovation with some opportunities to work with developing countries. Organizations like @ProAquacultureAfrica are working to create Aquaculture facilities that will alleviate poverty through better nutrition.

We are excited to explore health improvement of these communities with Aquaculture using Nualgi as a tool for higher protein production and less disease in catfish farms. Please contact us if you are interested in a future partnership with Nualgi.

Thank You for Supporting our Cause!


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