3 Ways To Lovingly Bring Mosquitoes To Your Backyard Pond


With all this talk about Zika, we know what you’re thinking…

“I gotta get me some mosquitoes in my backyard pond—STAT!!”

(Because we know how much you love those flying critters.)

In the spirit of wit, we’d like to offer you three killer tips to help you “encourage” those little infectious-disease-bearing buggers to build a happy life in your backyard (not!).

At Nualgi, we talk to many pond hobbyists and pros about their ponds. Oftentimes when we head to their backyard to check-out their handiwork, we’re surprised by the amount of mosquitoes plaguing their beautiful oasis. What gives?

We’ve compiled these pro tips for attracting mosquitoes to your backyard pond and what you can do to lovingly care for them too. Enjoy!




Leave little containers around to fill with rainwater or morning dew. Repeat.

Ah, mosquitoes love water. Did you know that? Oh, they really do.

So, if you lovingly leave little random containers of water to fill up when it rains or mists in the morning, even a little bit of scummy leftover rainwater will make those mosquitoes super happy with your hospitality.

In fact, what they’ll do is start to lay eggs and start a little family! Right there: In YOUR backyard! Soon enough, you’ll have thousands—heck—a swarm, to make all your backyard affairs a buzz-worthy event. (Said no one ever!)


mosquito-larve-pond MOSQUITO GROWTH FACT

A 6-inch diameter plant saucer that captures merely a ½-inch of water is perfect bait for momma mosquitoes seeking a good place to start her family.

In just eight to 10 days, you’ll have fully grown mosquitoes—yay (yuck).



pond-mosquito-remove-get-rid-killSo all kidding aside; if you’re serious about mosquito eradication, take a good long look at your yard situation.

  • Do you have any random debris strewn about that’s storing water (old planters, buckets, toys, etc.)?
  • Do you have plants that are housed in moist or moldy containers that look like happy potential cradles for mosquito babies?

Start tidying up unless you want a Zika-Palooza in your backyard this summer!


PRO TIP #2: 

Never use vector control products in your ponds or pools to get rid of mosquitoes—just ignore them all season long!


Lucky you: you’ve got a pool of some sort in your backyard. Great!

To lure those mosquitoes, you don’t need to do much.

In fact, do nothing! Just leave that water to fester all summer-long and into spring…and on and on, and very soon you’ll find that it’s filled with (disgusting) swarms of mosquito babies. How cute!



Commonly called “mosquito dunks,” these quarter-sized biological mosquito controls tablets can be plunked into any body of water that you’re unable to drain or dry-out, such as a pond or pool, and it will eradicate mosquito larvae for approximately 30 days.

The beauty of dunks is that they do not harm fish or pets or the surrounding plant-life, even the underwater variety—these dunks kill just mosquitoes.


You can score a whopping 100 dunks online here for $98 if you are not already attached to those adorable mosquito babies in your pond. Buying in bulk reduces the cost of these already-cheap little dunks and will help your backyard stay vector-free all-year-long. But remember, that will mean 30 days without mosquito larvae in your pond!


PRO TIP #3: 

Get Rid of Those Pesky Dragonflies Too!

Did you know that dragonflies love to dine on delicious mosquito larvae?


Oh boy, do they ever. Is your pond attractive to those gorgeous shimmery-winged demons? Better invest in a big ol’ dragonfly-swatter… or they will literally gobble up that darling swarm of mosquitoes faster than you can say, buzz off!

In fact, we discovered on MosquitoWorld:

“Dragonfly larvae, ‘nymphs,’ feed on mosquito larvae, and adult dragonflies feed on adult mosquitoes. The key to attracting dragonflies is to provide an environment that is comfortable and safe for them.”

A small pond with marginal and bog plants growing with plenty of flat rocks should do just fine. The nymphs will eat mosquito larvae in the water while the adult dragonflies sun tan on the rocks, waiting for the adult mosquitoes to leave the water. If you want to learn more, please read our article on the best types of pond plants for algae control.




There are actually a ton of great natural remedies to help destroy mosquito larvae and adult ones, too, from your backyard pond or pool.

One of the most effective ways is the Mosquito fish, which has been used in California since 1922. This adorable 3-inch fishy is intended to be used for stocking ornamental ponds, unused or “out-of-order” swimming pools, and animal water troughs.


Meet The Mosquito Fish – Who Kill And Keep Mosquitoes Away!

mosquito-fish-for-pond Los Angeles County West Vector & Vector-Borne Disease Control District reports on how these fish are valuable to kill mosquitoes in your pond:

“Mosquito fish do not lay eggs, but rather give birth to live young. These fish, therefore, require no special environment, as most other fish do, for depositing and hatching their eggs. They are ready to begin the work of destroying mosquito larvae at once. Mosquito fish can eat mosquito larvae as fast as the larvae hatch from eggs, as many as 100 per day.”

So let me get this straight: they’re easy to maintain, they are wildly effective, and they’re hardy in most climates… sounds like a no-brainer as a method for naturally removing mosquitoes from your pond.

Bonus: View our list of the best algae eating fish

So, what’s all this buzz about?

Hear that?  mosquito-mass It’s the sweet-sounds of a ginormous mosquito swarm just outside your door.

If you love your summer nights filled with bites, swats, and potential viruses by all means—follow our pro tips right here in this post!

But if you’re like us and you think mosquitoes are a dangerous nuisance; well, you know what to do.

If you’re interested in learning more about other pond maintenance resources or want pond care tips, download our e-books for Summer Pond Care or Winter Pond Care to uncover more great information for your backyard oasis.

Have questions? Know some other fun facts about mosquitoes? Please tell us in the comments—we’re listening.


Increase Dissolved Oxygen For Less Mosquitoes

Mosquito larvae will survive in areas of low oxygen because their predators need higher levels of oxygen.

When you increase the oxygen content of your water, the momma mosquitoes no longer want to lay their eggs in that area of the water. Dose a product like Nualgi Ponds to increase dissolved oxygen throughout the pond, thus promoting a better habitat for mosquito predators.

Naturally Control Mosquitoes In Your Pond with Nualgi.

Safe for Fish, Plants, Amphibians, Birds & Pets!

Nualgi Ponds significantly improves water quality as well as the health of fish and plants. A natural side effect is less mosquitoes in your pond due to a better biological filter. Try this natural solution for a more balanced ecosystem.

By restoring missing nutrients, bring balance to the natural marine food chain from the bottom up by promoting the growth of diatoms and zooplankton.


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