Monte B. – 2 years using Nualgi, I will never use UV again!

“I was skeptical, however, this product really works!!!” – Monte B.”

Monte had many doubts before he used Nualgi to clean his pond. He discussed proactively with us how to use the product to fetch the best results. The best part was, he documented the entire course of treatment giving all the opportunity to see how the cleansing process takes place. Monte’s pond was 1300 -1500 gallon and just using 2ml of the product he was with clean water by fifth treatment, the string algae were all gone.

6 August,2017

“The string algae around the bank is gone, and the rest is slowly disappearing. By 4th treatment, with Nualgi my pond is 80% clean and my fish are now breathing healthy.”

13th June,2017

” Week 5 Treatment: WOW!!! This product works in conjunction with beneficial bacteria!! Towards the middle of this week, my pond took a tremendous step towards water clarity!! I HAVEN’T SEEN MY FISH SINCE THE MIDDLE OF MAY!! I will continue to use this product until the end of the season as well as in offseason. I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE NUALGI PRODUCT AND I RECOMMEND TO ANY POND OWNER THAT HAS GREEN WATER TO USE THIS PRODUCT!! IT WORKS!!”


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