Marieann S. – “My water is so clear. I’m impressed!”

“I can’t believe the difference in our pond so far this year!” – Marieann. S

Pond Overview – “Brent and I had tried many things in our pond before to try and combat the algae in summer. We tried PondShade, Algaecide, Sludge Buster, our ponds fountain and above pond filter both have U.V. lights, and we also tried liquid barley straw extract.”

“Nothing worked until Nualgi, we even unplugged the U.V. lights on our filter and fountain with Nualgi and it cleared up great! Canadian climate is a challenge for pond lovers, as we can have wicked temperature fluctuations in just a few days.”

– Marieann and Brent S., Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada

Watch the video of Marieann’s pond!

Marieann shared these videos with us to show the clarity of her water after using Nualgi Ponds. Watch the part where she features how clear the water is at night with the aid of just her cell phone light!! We are equally impressed and love to hear from pond enthusiasts that can show off the beauty of their ponds.

Before Nualgi – May 2017

“We can all identify with the murky green water. Here are some photos she also shared with us to show the difference in her water quality before and after using Nualgi Ponds. In MAy our pond was compeltely clear. We had been using Nualgi in the water April and May every week.”

After Nualgi – June 2017 – “Look how crystal clear the water is this year. I am impressed”

“Definitely won’t let our supply completely run out before buying more! Canadian climate is a challenge for pond lovers, as we can have wicked temperature fluctuations in just a few days. For example, this past Saturday (June 24th) it was only 5°C (45°F) all day. Today (June 26) it’s already 20°C(65°F), so it’s important that our pond treatment can tolerate these temperature differences, and Nualgi does. Great product, absolutely the best we have tried!”

Stay tuned as we receive more updates from Marieann about her experiences with Nualgi Ponds…


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