BEG&C Lake – Red Tide Removal

pond lake algae control results case studyThis study is an overview of the fast pond algae removal of red tide slime in the golf course pond and other waterways for the BEG&C Army facility.

A minor treatment of 1 acre showed some amazing results within just two days of application. View more images below and we will be updating as we receive more data and pictures.

The general was coming to the Bengal Engineering Group and the golf course pond was covered in a full coat of red tide algae and orange slime. To combat this unsightly overgrowth of algae, the group used Nualgi Ponds in their water bodies before inspection.


How the Lake was Treated

The 1 acre lake located within the golf course of Bengal Engineering Group Centre (BEG&C Army) at Roorkee was treated twice with Nualgi Ponds. Poured around the outside edges of the lake, the supplement began working immediately to naturally balance the water by producing diatoms that outcompete nuisance algae.

The surface algae was then removed physically by staff to increase photosynthesis in the water that was previously covered by an algae bloom mat. Nualgi Ponds was dosed twice prior to the general coming in for the important facility inspection.

Before Treatment with Nualgi Ponds – Aug. 6, 2014

After Treatment with Nualgi Ponds – Aug. 8, 2014

pond with minor red tide


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