Koi Show Grand Champions Use Nualgi Ponds

Koi champion with nualgi ponds

We had the pleasure of visiting the SD Koi Show and meeting it’s Grand Champion. To our excitement, we learned Chien Lee was already using Nualgi Ponds in his water and had been for 6 months without a UV filter!

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At the end of the Koi Club of San Diego Show we caught up with Chein and asked him what he had to say about our product’s use in his pond. “After using it for 6 months and without UV, my pond water is crystal clear! My koi are active and maintain their coloration without using any color enhancing feed. The skin is always shining” 

Chien’s comment is right in line with what we have been hearing from many users of Nualgi Ponds. They are experiencing less need for other products (like harsh chemicals) to keep their water healthy and are saving a lot of money in the process.

“This could be a game changer!”, quoted from Scott Williams of Anjon Ponds at the Koi show.

It is great to hear such strong feedback from a Koi Champion and we hope that his message continues to resonate through the upcoming season to inform others of the best pond algae control solution available.

We should also mention that the Reserve Grand Champion (Gordon Chibana) is using Nualgi Ponds to maintain a healthy balance in his ecosystem. The word is getting out….not only is Nualgi taking care of algae, water clarity and fish health, it is also simplifying the pond hobby. Seeing these great looking ponds and beautiful fish, we are sure, more and more Americans will become first time pond owners!

“I got two words for you….It Works.” quoted from Reserve Grand Champion, Gordon Chibana.

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Maintaining a pond is not an easy task and is one reason many drop out of the hobby, we are dedicated to making it easier to manage your pond without the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals.

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