Koi Pond Care for the Summer

koi pond care

In this article, we will walk you through the common issues facing Koi pond owners and then share our best practices for Koi pond care during the Summer months.

Summer Weather May Bring Unexpected Threats To Your Koi Pond

koi pond care The Summertime is arguably the most rewarding season for Koi pond owners.  Sunny weather and warm climates offer better opportunities to enjoy your pond and witness the true beauty of the Koi. With these benefits come a few potentially harmful side effects of the heat.

Ensure a healthy ecosystem for your Koi!

By performing regular maintenance on your Koi pond and staying vigilant for signs of distress, you can ensure a healthy ecosystem for your Koi!

Effect of High Temperatures on Koi Pond Care

  • Evaporation: During the bulk of the calendar year, evaporation isn’t the highest variable on the Koi pond owner’s radar.  Keep in mind that during the hotter months, your pond water will evaporate at a much higher rate.  The lowered volume of water in your pond makes for a smaller physical ecosystem and contributes to one of the leading causes of Koi loss: over-crowding. This Summer, remember to maintain the water levels in your pond by supplementing it with clean, de-chlorinated water.
  • Low Oxygen Levels: In Summer months, oxygen levels within all types of fish ponds characteristically drop.  Added levels of strain placed upon your Koi and other fish, especially to breath, can very easily harm them. Combined with less water in the pond there is a strong possibility of fatally low levels of oxygen. Thus, it is important to maintain both the anaerobic bacteria do regular water changes and introduce additives that help to promote healthier water by balancing the nitrogen cycle. Additional steps you can take to promote higher oxygen levels include installing features, such as fountains and waterfalls, that will keep water circulating in your Koi pond.
  • Lawn Clippings, Leaves, and other Debris will undoubtedly fall into your pond and make a recipe for algae, which can therefore cause an even higher level of oxygen. Keeping a skimmer nearby to pull out debris will help control pond algae during the Summer months when your pond is more susceptible to algae.

Summer Feeding Schedule

With the higher Summer temperatures, you will want to make sure your Koi have the nutrients they need to remain healthy.  Unfortunately, this issue cannot be solved by simply feeding the fish higher quantities of food for a few reasons.  Firstly, uneaten food can cause pond water to become dirty more quickly.  Additionally, the act of feeding literally aids in the depletion of oxygen (we’ve already learned about oxygen levels!) from your pond.  Finally, it’s been proven that Koi most benefit from low protein meals 1-3 times per day.

Have more Koi feeding tips? Please comment below.


Beware of Parasites in Koi Ponds

Generally all ponds have parasites, however if you fish become highly stressed or sick the parasites can gain an edge and can be detrimental if you fail to prepare for their arrival with the Summer heat.  Visible only under a microscope, these tiny assailants can be the root of many maladies or behavioral changes seen in your Koi. The warm Summer weather tends to act as a catalyst for the procreation of these parasites, so any pond owner would be wise to keep a close eye on this problem.

In the case of observing any of the following signs of parasite infestation, contact a professional to test your water, or compare a skin scraping of your Koi against some of the more common parasites.


Signs Of Parasite Infestation

  • Erratic behavior of your Koi
  • Any itching/scratching of the scales
  • Scale loss/damage
  • Small white spots on the body
  • Respiratory distress
  • Isolation

If you enjoyed this article, please download our Summer Pond Care Guide for more details.


How Can Nualgi Ponds Help?

Use Nualgi Ponds to help combat the negative effects of Summer weather and spend more time enjoying your Koi pond, outdoor water garden, or water feature. Koi pond care is not always an easy task and balancing your ecosystem efficiently can seem overwhelming. Save yourself the hassle and choose the product which has proven to effectively curb each of the problems outlined above. (though you still will need to pull out debris.

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