Koi Fish & Water Garden Show in South Carolina

Simpsonville Koi and Garden Show 007

This Koi show was held at the Activity and Senior Center in Simpsonville, SC. We had the pleasure of attending to learn more about the southern east coast communities and in turn we met many new friends. A very motivational network, we were lucky to be included in such an event where there was an emphasis on member education with featured speaker, Dr. Jason Guevara from the North Carolina ZNA.

This World Class Koi show in the Fall is being called the largest single club Koi show on the East coast.

Koi, Goldfish, and Water Garden Club

Members include hobbyists in upstate South Carolina who are interested in keeping Koi, goldfish and water gardens.

“Our goal is to promote the hobby of keeping Koi and pond fish, and encourage an interest in aquatic plants and water gardening.”

Mission Statement from the club’s Facebook page: “You might currently have a pond but would like to learn more about your fish. Like a lot of us, you are fascinated by the sound of moving water. Our club members have a wide variety of water features and if that’s your thing, you are welcome. What’s really cool about our club is that we all share our interest in the hobby so freely whether it’s a small pond with a couple of fish, to the large ponds with multiple waterfalls and awesome Koi.”

If you want to really get into Koi, you’re in the right place because the club has a pond tour in the Spring where you can see some of the most amazing ponds and Koi in the world.

“The neat thing about being interested in Koi and water gardens is that you can start small, but there is no limit to where you can go with it. And, Koi people love to help others learn. I see this time and time again at various events.”

Koi Show Champion 16 Times!

David and Karen Hardcastle walked away with Grand Champion and 3 other prizes.

David has now won the Grand Champion award 16 times! Besides Koi, he is an avid gold fish keeper with over 1000 gallons of fresh water gold fish aquariums. After spending some quality time at the Nualgi Ponds booth, David agreed to trial Nualgi Ponds for his Koi and Nualgi Aquarium in his gold fish tanks.

Koi & Water Garden Show Event Gallery

Koi Fish, Carniverous Plants, and Painted Rocks

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