Kari H. – “No longer spending big bucks running an ion filter”

Backyard pond with triangle sun shade -Kari H

“Our pond is built with gradually tapered walls of cement block set on poured footings and holds a little over 6,000 gallons. There are a dozen koi that call this pond home plus 4 babies that have survived since we re-homed all the goldfish. The plants and surroundings are a constant work in progress but the water quality battle has been won!!! Nualgi is amazing. We are no longer spending big bucks running an ion filter.


“We have been using Nualgi for about 3 years now and never need to spend a ton of money replacing copper probes for the ion filter or bulbs for the UV filter. Nualgi does a better job than those two filters combined and my fish are really healthy, even after going from our Wisconsin polar vortex winter to current temps in the 90s. Thank you Nualgi!!!”

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