Karen Z. – Big & Healthy Koi

My Koi "Sunny" - I of course use Nualgi in my pond too ?

“All I am using in my pond is Nualgi and beneficial bacteria, my fish and plants are thriving! I love it! I’ve been recommending Nualgi to everyone I know who has a pond.”

Karen Z. loves to share photos of her backyard water garden and her gorgeous koi with us on our Facebook page. She recently won our monthly pond photo contest. Scroll to the bottom to see her most recent pond pictures.

One look at her pond and you can see why she won the contest. Her beautiful pond is the epitome of a naturally balanced water garden. With a ton of plants and Nualgi, she keeps her koi healthy and water clear. Karen’s pond is about 4,000 gallons and she uses beneficial bacteria along with Nualgi to keep her pond clear and her fish happy.



Karen’s Pond With Big Healthy Koi

June 28, 2016

Is your pond the center of your life?

“You know it!” – Karen





June 22, 2016

This is Karen’s koi that she bought from a local garden center 4  years ago named “Sunny”



June 30, 2016

“Yes, I name my fish” – Karen

“Meet Orca…”



“..and Molly”



July 28, 2016

Look at these happy fish enjoying their healthy pond.

“I, of course, use Nualgi too.” – Karen



August 15, 2016

“All I am using in my pond is Nualgi and beneficial bacteria, my fish and plants are thriving! I love it! I’ve been recommending Nualgi to everyone I know who has a pond.” – Karen







“Icy falls and water….. but water is still clean thanks to Nualgi!”






April 3, 2017 – “My Water is So Clean!”

Karen has kick started the season with nualgi ponds and happily shared a photo of her beautiful, clear pond water. The water is looking string algae free with a lot of clarity.

“I just started my falls up after the winter, my water is so clean!”

April 11, 2017 – “My Water Looks Awesome!”

This photos show great water clarity and healthy vibrant koi. You can easily see down to the bottom of the pond and that looks clean as well. Orca is looking beautiful and who knows how many Koi Karen can add in the future now with Nualgi.

“It’s finally starting to warm up here in CT. My water looks awesome!”


June 15, 2017 – “Thank you for a Great Product!”

My pond is doing awesome! We had strange weather here, warmer winter and cold Spring so it’s taking awhile for my plants to grow but they are taking off now! All my fish are healthy and happy, water is perfect! It’s finally warming up here. Thank you for a great product.

The water is still only 55 degrees. I actually still need to vacuum the bottom, but it is surprisingly clean considering my pump has been off all winter.

The last picture with the little fish is about 4 ft deep, can see the rocks perfect!

Sunny and Molly just continue to thrive!

So clear we had to double take to see if he’s really in the water!!

April 17, 2018- “Not exactly frozen anymore but it’s been a winter wonderland!”

Winter hit pretty hard this season for Karen, her Koi Molly & Sunny and their friends. Spring is teasing some parts of the country and winter just doesn’t want to seem to leave. But, warmer weather will come and Karen’s pond will flourish again. During the brrrrr season, Karen shared some of her photos. As beautiful as her pond is during spring and summer, these winter images still look pretty impressive.

Ensuring the pond is aerated, frozen bubbles make for an interesting snapshot

Definitely a winter wonderland!

We see you Sunny!!!

April 25, 2018 – It’s been a hard winter this year, just starting to warm up. Sunny looks pretty happy!”

April 25, 2018 – Pond Open for Spring 2018

Listen for Dakota’s approval. She’s the official Pond Protector!!

We will continue to share updates on Karen’s koi as we receive them so stay tuned!

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