Joe G. – Redwood Garden Bridges

We met Joe G. in Fresno at the Central California Koi show where we learned about his business building custom bridges for ponds and naturally we were intrigued by such a profession. He was given a sample to test Nualgi Ponds in his own backyard and the results were astonishing.

Before I used this I couldn’t even see my fish…I can see Koi that I haven’t seen in years I didn’t even know I had.

If you look at the pictures he sent us you can clearly see the bottom of his pond and many more fish. There is no more murky green water and as Joe says, “crystal gin clear”. No Nualgi does not create more fish, but it has been shown to decrease feeding amounts, make fish act happier, and produce more babies. Read Amber’s Study

“I got a bottle, came home, put a small amount in my pond and did a partial water change. Then my water was crystal gin clear, before I used this I couldnt even see my fish. It was full of algae blooms. It only took about 1 day.”  After using this AMAZING product Nualgi given to me at a Koi show by the the owner of the company, I used it 2 times and you can see the difference in my pond, I can see Koi that I haven’t seen in years I didn’t even know I had, Thank you. -Joe

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