Jim D. – From murky green water to clear water

“Water became clear from murky green after using your product.” – Jim D.

Jim D.'s green pond before and after using Nualgi Ponds

Jim’s kidney-shaped pond is approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet long with ~3,000 gallon circulated with a waterfall powered by 4000 gph Sequence (brand) pump.

He tells us that this pond is home to a dozen Koi, a few comets, and large Goldfish as well as being decorated with aquatic pond plants including Astilbe, Lilies, Hyacinth, Irises and water lettuce plants.

Before Nualgi – January 2018

The pond was filled with the murky green water where you can’t see the bottom and only get glimpses of the fish. The photos shared with us can show the difference in the water quality before and after using Nualgi Ponds’ products. In January, the pond had murky green water which can be seen in the pictures below.

After Nualgi – March 2018

As you can see from the pictures below, after using Nualgi Ponds’ products, the water is clear enough to see the bottom of the pond and every fish swimming in it. This is not only appealing to the eyes but it also creates a healthy environment for fishes and the plants.

Balance Your Pond with a Natural SolutionPromotes fish health and controls nuisance algae

Safe for Fish, Plants, Amphibians, Birds & Pets!

Nualgi Ponds significantly improves water quality as well as the health of fish and plants. For many eutrophic ponds, results may be visible by afternoon.

By restoring missing nutrients, bring balance to the natural marine food chain from the bottom up by promoting the growth of diatoms and zooplankton.

Try Nualgi in Your Pond!


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