Importance of Koi Quarantine Tank Setup

We all know buying a new fish for the pond is an exciting time and you just want to put them in the pond with your other fish as soon as you get home, but Championship koi owners & breeders will all tell you that:

It is critical to quarantine any new Koi from other ponds because they may carry parasites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

To help you understand the importance of quarantining your koi AND how to set-up a DIY koi quarantine tank, we wanted to share this great article from Kodama Koi Farm, a major importer of koi fish for sale from Japan (and one of the first dealers for Nualgi Ponds 😉 !)

How to Setup a Quarantine Tank for Koi Fish

by Taro Kodama

Table of Contents:

Why do I need to quarantine Koi?

Your koi providers did their best to eliminate any parasites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses but all it takes is one unhatched and microscopic egg to make all your koi sick. Even if koi is clean and healthy it will often be exhausted from the journey to your home. This is even more the case if it was shipped from a dealer. If the koi is introduced too soon, it could get infected from something other koi in pond are already immune to.

What might happen if I do not quarantine?

Infections can spread and become difficult to treat. You can damage your kio’s beauty and worst case scenario the new koi could carry KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) and wipe out your whole pond. It is serious and we don’t mean to scare you. Learn the right protective process and you will be A-OK.

What are important tips for koi quarantine procedures?

Setting up a quarantine system should be pretty simple. You can use a temporary version without a pond filter or a more permanent version with a filter system.

  • Check water parameters constantly since they can change quickly in a small tank/.
  • Manage water temperature to be over 70° F.
  • Add a small Koi from your pond as a friend but also to check for other issues.
  • Get advice, but don’t panic and act spontaneously/,
  • Quarantining new Koi is your responsibility and it can take over 2 weeks!

How To Setup Koi Quarantine Tank System

Once you receive a new Koi, please release it in a separate quarantine tank. Then follow these abridged instructions:

  • Add 3 lb salt/100 gal water to quarantine tank (0.3% salinity).
  • Observe new Koi carefully to assure it doesn’t develop disease for 14–21 days.
  • If your quarantine tank has a filter, please feed the Koi lightly. Manda Fu Koi Food is ideal.
  • If your quarantine tank has no filter, you may still feed them lightly, but do a partial water change every 2–3 days (about 25%). Add salt to maintain 0.3% salinity.
  • After 3–5 days, if the Koi looks well, you may use Koi Prazi and Ich-X to deal with any potential parasites.
  • Throughout the quarantine, check the pH, ammonia, and nitrite levels regularly.
  • Maintain a water temperature of 65–78 F, ideally 70+ F.

Want more information on koi quarantine tank setup?

Read the full koi quarantine tank setup procedures on Kodama Koi Farm’s website.


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