How to Deal With Carpet Algae

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A Nualgi user recently wrote to us about their pond. While the water was crystal clear, there seemed to be quite a bit of algae or “Pond Carpet” on the rocks at the bottom.

One of our pond experts was able to provide advice on the right steps to take to get things back on track!

Advice from the Expert:

There are several algae types, which are considered “Pond Carpet”.

The carpet layer is beneficial to the pond ecosphere and contributes to the overall balance of the nitrogen cycle.

While these types of algae are not necessarily a bad thing, they grow due to lack of filtration power and / or flow.

To rid it, you will need to use extra Beneficial Bacteria, cut back feeding, perform 25% weekly water changes, and use Nualgi Organic Digester bacteria over the course of 5 to 7 months.

To rid it more expediently, you will use Green Clean granuals for 2 to 3 months while on a higher beneficial bacteria and organic digester use case.

Higher beneficial bacteria and organic digester use will need to continue along with at least 25% bi-weekky water changes into the future.

How long will it need to continue is unknown before your water memory conforms to keeping the carpet suppressed on its own. – possibly a couple of years.

A patina of sorts will always grow on rocks in water in a closed recirculating system. Unless a very high and powerful filtration system is put into place. Carpet algae act more like a plant than the more basic and typical algae types do. They require less nutrient from nitrate and phosphate and will feed off pH and dissolved metals like iron, etc.

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