“An algae bloom just didn’t happen!” – Harold L.

“Nualgi beats everything, all the way around!” – Harold L.

Harold lives in Franklin, Kentucky and has been a water garden enthusiast for over 28 years. He started using Nualgi after noticing an article about promoting fish health naturally. This was appealing to Harold and his wife for their 6000 gallon pond. This year, Harold took advantage of our recent Pond Photo Contest to share his stunning pond with us and we were very happy to select his pond as Pond of the Month for September, 2018.

September, 2018

“We re-did our pond this May and increased the depth. On advice from my local pond guy, he warned us to be prepared for an algae bloom but it just didn’t happen. When I showed him Nualgi and told him I’ve been dosing this every 7 days for the last 5 or so years he was so impressed, he now buys it for his other customers!!”

“Plant life has improved too, within a month plants were blooming like crazy. We couldn’t be happier with Nualgi”

Stay tuned for more updates on the new Fairy Garden and Pond-less water feature Harold is working on…

Balance Your Pond with a Natural SolutionPromotes fish health and controls nuisance algae

Safe for Fish, Plants, Amphibians, Birds & Pets!

Nualgi Ponds significantly improves water quality as well as the health of fish and plants. For many eutrophic ponds, results may be visible by afternoon.

By restoring missing nutrients, bring balance to the natural marine food chain from the bottom up by promoting the growth of diatoms and zooplankton.

Try Nualgi in Your Pond!


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