Golden Empire Koi Show Review & Hand Painted Koi Pictures

Bakersfield Koi Show 001

The 15th Annual Golden Empire Koi Show was presented by the Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society on Oct. 24th through Oct. 26th, 2014. Each year this event is held at the Kern County Fair Grounds in combination with the Fall Home Show.

During this event we met many new friends in the hobby and had the pleasure of introducing them to Nualgi Ponds as an alternative to harmful algaecides for algae removal. In this article we will recap our experience and share the many photos we took throughout the Koi Show.

Bakersfield Koi Show 001

We love attending these events as it helps us learn more about what communities are doing across the country to engage their members as well as hot topics among Koi keepers. Our review of the  Washington State Koi Show discusses the dangers of hardness in water and our blog about the South Carolina Koi Show emphasizes the importance of member education. Please keep us up to date on your Koi shows and how we can be of assistance to help make it a success.

Koi & Water Garden Society Profile: koi-show-bakersfield-logo

The Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society (BK&WGS) is a non-profit organization with a focus on promotion, education, and support of the hobby of Koi keeping and water gardening in Southern San Joaquin Valley, California.

Learn more about the society

The Koi show featured many events for children and adults:

  • Koi Competition
  • Fellowship
  • Seminars
  • Koi Auction
  • Raffles
  • Vendors
  • Saturday Night Banquet
  • Most Importantly FUN!

Koi Fish Rescue Program – What a Great Idea!

On occasion a Koi keeper may find that they can no longer house some or all of their koi.

There are many reasons why some might choose to use this program, but the main reason is that there are Koi which need a new home and the club is here to help find the right location. Contact the club to arrange to have the Koi picked up and taken to an appropriate holding pond.

The Koi are then offered for sale at one of the public events that the club attends during the year. While being held, the Koi are checked for overall general good health and then treated for any parasites. The club only offers healthy Koi to the public and all Koi must meet the health criteria before being sold to the public. This service helps save fish that are in danger as well as creating extra revenue to the Koi club to use at meetings and other Koi shows.

204 Entries and 1 Grand Champion (Video)

Koi Show Awards – Hand Painted by 13 year old Lydia Liu

Koi show events are all about bringing together friends in healthy competition to see the growth of their fish and compare strategies for better husbandry. It is beautiful to see such dedication and time also being contributed by a young Koi enthusiast. Events like this are how we continue to grow the hobby and support our youth as they get involved. As you enjoy these hand painted Koi pictures please remember what you love so much about this rewarding hobby.

Photo Gallery of Koi Show in Bakersfield

Attending Koi & Water Garden Shows Helps us Learn from the Vibrant Community

Do you have an upcoming show? Are you seeking new and innovative products to introduce to your Koi and Water Garden Society? We are happy to send product as a giveaway or a staff member to operate a booth at your event.

Please reach out to us via email about your event and how we can be of assistance.

Contact us.

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