Why Grow Diatom Algae?

Diatom algae specimens under a microscope

Diatoms come in many shapes and sizes

Diatoms, one of the most common types of phytoplankton, are microscopic food power cells. They convert nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide into oxygen-rich organic compounds that create a healthy ecosystem in your pond.

The structure of diatom algae differs from that of cellulose-based algae like blue and green algae in important ways. Blue and green algae reduce photosynthesis in your pond, which harms the zooplankton and fish. Diatoms are photosynthesizing algae with a silica-based skeleton. Unlike blue and green algae, which form a layer on top of the water that cuts off light, diatoms are free-floating algae which sink to the bottom where they are eaten by zooplankton – and then the fish in your pond feed on the zooplankton.

By feeding those essential diatoms, Nualgi Ponds balances the natural marine food chain—and provides a zooplankton buffet for your fish!

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