How do PondPatrol & Nualgi Ponds work together?

How PondPatrol + Nualgi Ponds Balance Your Pond

Nualgi is packed full of nutrients that feed diatoms (the good algae that are essential for a healthy pond).

Adding Nualgi to your pond triggers a RAPID increase in your diatom population. Because diatoms photosynthesize faster and in less light, they outcompete the bad algae and starve it of food – preventing it from turning your pond green.

Plus they create the vital oxygen that all the life in your pond needs – including our good bacteria friends that clean that brown sludge.

PondPatrol is a blend of 6 beneficial bacteria strains – extensively tested and chosen for their ability to help clean your pond. Different bacteria strains ‘attack’ different problems. We wanted a product that would be your pond superhero in EVERY situation, during every season, in every climate.

Instead of a build up of ugly and smelly organic waste – like fish poop, excess food, and dead plants – these little wonderkids eat it. So the two work together in a virtuous pond cleaning cycle.

When you combine them — you have the most potent natural water treatment available for keeping your pond crystal clear and healthy.


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