How Do I Dose Nualgi Ponds in the Spring and Winter?

Pond plants for Cold and Warm Seasons - Image of Thermometer

Every season has its challenges! By following the dosing instructions provided on the Nualgi label you can have excellent results throughout the winter and spring. Proper dosing frequency depends on water temperature.

Here are some guidelines on dosing Nualgi in cooler weather to help your pond maintain a healthy bacteria population:

  • Above 50° – Dose Nualgi Ponds every week.
  • Between 40° & 50° – Dose Nualgi Ponds every other week.
  • Below 40° – Dose Nualgi Ponds once every month.
  • Below freezing – If your pond freezes, Nualgi Ponds will not be effective until the water temperature is again above freezing.

Something to keep in mind: Bacteria start to go dormant at colder temperatures. They are only 50% effective at 65° and just 25% effective below 50°.

winter pond care guide for koi ponds and garden ponds

For additional expert advice and how-to tips for using Nualgi to keep water healthy throughout the winter, download our free e-book, Winter Pond Care for Professionals!


Want some advice for the warmer months too?Download our Summer Pond Care Guide too!


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