Can higher chlorine/chloramine levels in my source water (municipal or well) affect water clarity? What should I do?

Yes, higher chlorine/chloramine levels in source water can affect water clarity by disrupting your pond’s nitrogen cycle from performing properly.  nitrification process in the pond. If your pond is not looking crystal clear after more than a month of treating with Nualgi, high chlorine/chloramine levels could be the culprit.

How can I remove chlorine/chloramine from my water?

Before you add water to your pond, we recommend taking two steps:

  1. The day before, fill a bucket or 55 gallon drum with water and let it sit uncovered in the sun for a day to allow any chlorine present in the water to breakdown and “gas out” from the water.
  2. Before adding to the pond, we also advise treating with an efficient dechlorinator like NovAqua. An important note: NovAqua should not be used in ponds housing tadpoles. You may want to smother your tadpoles with love, but not with stress guard! 😉
  3. It can also be helpful to dose with dechlorinator just after it rains, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions.

BONUS TIP: We also recommend using a dechlorinator after heavy rain to help limit disruption to your pond’s water chemistry – but always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions.

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