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Water Column is Clear but Cannot Get Rid of String Algae?

While string algae do not pose a major danger to fish health, those long, messy strings are a nuisance that can ruin the natural beauty of your pond. We advise treating string algae with a combination of Nualgi and Beneficial Bacteria. You may have to be patient — it...

My Water Turned Brown After Using Nualgi?

There are a couple of reasons your water might turn brown while using Nualgi. The first is adding too much Nualgi to your pond. Overdosing will create a diatom over-bloom which will discolor the water to a light brown. Another possible reason is algae cell die-off...

I Added Nualgi and Now I Have Foam on my Pond?

Foam is the result of algae dying off. Manually remove it with a fine mesh net so that it will not fall back to the water column. Also, be sure to keep filter clear and flowing properly. Algae cells build up quickly in the...
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