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What Does Nualgi Ponds Contain?

Nualgi is a patented nano silica based nano nutrient formula in size range of 5-100 nm. The silica becomes both the carrier for other nutrients and the nutrient by itself. It contains the important micronutrient -iron (0.01% to 50% of Fe) and other micronutrients- Mn,...

How Does Nualgi Ponds Work?

An innovative approach to improving pond balance, Nualgi Ponds works at the microscopic level to improve water clarity, reduce algae and keep aquatic plants and fish healthy. Nualgi starts a natural biological cycle by feeding beneficial diatoms. Diatoms are a key...

What is Nualgi Ponds?

Nualgi is a liquid additive containing 12 essential nutrients on a nano silica base to restore balance, improve water quality, and control nuisance algae in your pond. Nano silica is both a nutrient and a carrier that prevents the nutrients from reacting with each...
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ATTENTION AUSTRALIAN SHOPPERS, Nualgi Ponds is now available from Amazon in Australia