FAQ Category: Basics

Can Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) be Used with Nualgi?

Alum may be used if the nutrient levels are very high or if the N:P ratio is unfavorable to diatoms, say less than 5:1. One dose of Alum should be dosed before dosing Nualgi. If there is excess Alum that does it may bind with Nualgi. We therefore recommend a gap of...

Will Nualgi Harm my Bio Filter?

No. Nualgi has demonstrated an amplification of bio filters due to increased dissolved oxygen levels in the pond water column leading to larger aerobic bacteria and beneficial microbe colonies.

Why Grow Diatom Algae?

Diatoms, one of the most common types of phytoplankton, are microscopic food power cells. They convert nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide into oxygen-rich organic compounds that create a healthy ecosystem in your pond. The structure of diatom algae differs from...