Excited to finally see my fish again!

Pond projects can be stressfull, especially with the impact changing your entire pond liner can have on the established ecosystem of your water and aquatic life.

We’re soo happy to hear that with a little bit of patience and the help of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner, Gina is now able to enjoy time by the pond where she can actually see her beautiful fish! 

“I really wish I would have taken a before picture. I replaced the liner in my 14×16 pond. I pretty much expected my pond to turn green which it did. Looking at that pea soup was not fun. I started adding Nualgi. In 2 weeks my pond started clearing. By my third dose the water is 98%! I can see all those beautiful fish. I highly recommend this product.”

Gina S.

Do you have a pond story you’d like to share? We’re always excited to hear from our amazing customers and see their beautiful ponds!

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