Diane S. – No more brown water and bad odor!

Lean more about how Nualgi helped Diane rid her pond of brown water and bad odor!

“Your product helped with everything!” – Diane S.

Imagine hearing your son, with no prior experience, tell you he’s going to build you a pond for Christmas and then watch as your backyard transforms. This is what happened for Diane in Pinckney, Michigan last year. We are really excited to watch the growth of this lovely pond.

May 3, 2018

“Since last fall was the start of my experience with a pond, I purchased Nualgi to start off the spring season. My water was brown and had an odor even after I vacuumed out the sludge. Your product took care of that problem!”

“Now we’re working on the landscaping around it which makes for a great mother/son project! The sound emitted from the 3 waterfalls is so relaxing.”

Adding a plants to your pond is the ultimate finishing touch. Here are some excellent choices of plants to help control algae and balance your water garden.

I love my ponds and fish…and so does my kitty!


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